PowerShell V3 Update Help

In the latest version of PowerShell, you can download and install the latest help files with the Update-Help cmdlet.


Parameter Set: Path
Update-Help [[-Module] <String[]> ] [[-SourcePath] <String[]> ] [[-UICulture] <CultureInfo[]> ] [-Credential ] [-Force] [-Recurse] [-UseDefaultCredentials] [ ]

Parameter Set: LiteralPath
Update-Help [[-Module] <String[]> ] [[-UICulture] <CultureInfo[]> ] [-Credential ] [-Force] [-LiteralPath <String[]> ] [-Recurse] [-UseDefaultCredentials] [ ]

In case you are using proxy with username/password authentication you will get this error when you try to update:

update-help : Failed to update Help for the module(s) 'Microsoft.PowerShell.Management, Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility, CimCmdlets, ISE, Microsoft.PowerShell.Diagnostics, Microsoft.PowerShell.Host, Microsoft.PowerShell.Security, Microsoft.WSMan.Management, PSScheduledJob, PSWorkflow, PSWorkflowUtility, Microsoft.PowerShell.Core' with UI culture(s) {en-US}: Unable to connect to Help content. Make sure the server is available and then try the command again.

To set proxy settings in PowerShell you can use:

import settings from Internet Explorer:

netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

set proxy settings:

NetSH WinHTTP Set Proxy proxy-server="ProxyServer:8080"

If you are using authentication on your proxy server, try the following:

$browser = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
$credentials = Get-Credential
$browser.Proxy.Credentials = $credentials



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